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Bijrani Forest Lodge in Corbett

Bijrani is famous Tiger reserve zone of Jim Corbett Park. Aamdanda gate is the entry point of this zone. Aamdanda gate is 2kms far from Ramnagar city. After 5kms inside Aamdanda gate arrive at Bijrani campus.

There are two forest lodges inside Bijrani zone. Bijrani Forest Lodge and Malani Forest Lodge.

Bijrani Forest Lodge:

Bijrani rest house made by British. It is situated in wild surroundings. Bijrani campus is not as large as Dhikala. There are only 6 rooms to stay. Electricity (Solar Energy) provides in fix hours in the rooms.

Malani Forest Lodge:

Malani rest house is 12kms far from Bijrani. This Rest House is situated on the edge of the core zone of the park. Four rooms are available on that place. This is favourite place for birds watchers and the naturalist.

Best Time to Visit Bijrani:

Bijrani zone opens 15 October to 30 June. During this time you can stay at Bijrani rest house and enjoy wildife adventure.