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Forest Lodge in Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is divided in five tourism zones for the better tourism management and convenience of tourists.

Tourism Zone Entry Gate
Forest Lodge in Bijrani Zone

Bijrani zone have two rest houses Bijrani and Malani rest house. Both are situated at the core area. Total accmodation is 8 rooms both of the rest houses.

Forest Lodge in Dhikala Zone

Dhikala: Dhikala is the most famous place in Corbett National Park. This beautiful place is located at the bank of river Ramganga. The old rest house at Dhikala was built over hundred years ago. It is a historic structure. There are 32 rooms and 24 dormitories beds to stay at Dhikala campus.

Sultan: After inserting into the Dhangari gate Sultan rest house comes first. There are only 2 rooms available. Solar fancy is not around on that rest house, so to stay there is much more adventurous and risky then others.

Sarapduli: This Forest Lodge is located on the way of Dhangarhi to Dhikala. Movement of much wildlife like tiger, elephant, bear and more at Sarapduli. It is nice place for bird watching and to see crocodiles. There are two rooms to stay and one 4 bedded dormitory.

Gairal: This Forest Lodge is the located at the banks of the Ramganga. This place is very popular to watching tiger. There are total 8 rooms and one 8 bedded dormitory.

Khinnanauli: This is VIP guest house. There are 4 rooms which are allowed to special guests such as higher level politicians, ministers and higher rank officers in Indian government.

Forest Lodge in Jhirna Zone

Jhirna: The Jhirna zone is just inside the southern boundary of the Park. Jhirna Forest lodge is situated in the core area of the park. There are 4 rooms to stay. Electricity and canteen facility is not available in this zone. This lodge opens 12 months of the year rainy season is not advisable to stay at Jhirna Forest Lodge.

Forest Lodge in Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary

Lohachaur: In this rest house you can reach from the Durga Devi gate. This rest house is banks of the river Mandal. In this place the Manda and Ramganga are confluence. Long elephant safari tourists, birds watcher prefer to stay at this forest lodge. Only 4 rooms are available on that place.