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Corbett Park reveals New Safari Zone from 1 Dec

Corbett National Park opened a new tourist safari zone “Dhela” from Monday 1/12/2014. It’s wonderful news for wildlife enthusiasts that want to visit Jim Corbett Park. With this Jim Corbett Park have 6 safari zones for tourists.

Dhela Forest Safari

Directory of Corbett Park said “ Dhela zone safari road length is approx 48 kms it’s cover area is 1,173 hectares. CTR is planning to make nature trail about 4 kms, where tourist can visit on feet inside new wildlife zone in Corbett - Dhela. Zone. Daily 15 gypsies will go at morning and evening time (till closing the gate) for safari.”

Corbett Dhela range has variety of wildlife flora, fauna and birds. The park authority also planning to develop the new zone for rescue cum tiger safari centre where rescued and injured tigers will be released.