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Hyena Found in Corbett National Park

Breaking News From – Corbett Tiger Reserve Ramnagar, Uttarakhand. As all know Tigers and Leopards are the main predators of this National Park now “Hyena” also includes on that. Hyena was sighted by CTR officials inside the park.

Park officials are very happy for the presence of Hyena, because they got an additional attraction of the park. It’s also good news for wildlife lovers, so ready your camera to capture the first picture of Hyena from Jim Corbett Park.

Corbett wildlife increase after 1976, there was 57 Tigers, 28 Leopard, 128 Elephants, 1650 Sambhar Deer, 9100 axis deer and many more. In 2007 there was 164 Tigers, 102 Leopard, 622 Elephants, 33708 Sambhar Deer, 3917 axis deer and many more. In 2011 there was 214 Tigers in Corbett National Park.